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  • titi561 posted 2677 days ago
  • good job
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  • titi561 posted 2677 days ago
  • who are you you are good vrery good
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  • Puppet Love posted 2864 days ago
  • I have to say, you are one of my favorites - and I don't mean that in a weird way! Well, OK - maybe a little...
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  • captainhilariousness posted 3000 days ago
  • Elk,

    Excited about the forum, it will really help the corporate suits get some feedback and build the network. It will also help them determine who is bitter and potentially insane.
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  • VoiceofElk posted 3005 days ago
  • Hey Captian, There is a new Comic Wonder Forum you really need to check it out! Here is the link
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  • medwyn69 posted 3077 days ago
  • his name is john cook
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  • medwyn69 posted 3077 days ago
  • hey ur awesome be ma fan cuz i made a bet with my friend you woulkd be my fan PROVE HIM WRONG HE DOSENT THINK UR FUNNY
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  • medwyn69 posted 3077 days ago
  • my joke:

    why does the shark swim in salt water? cuz thats where he lives!! hhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhahahahah that was dumb
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  • Gladys posted 3127 days ago
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  • TheReelComic posted 3181 days ago
  • Hey! Your jokes are killing me! Thanks for the laughs. In case you're interested, there is a new website, similar to this one, where you can upload a video of yourself telling your jokes and enter into competitions. Register! You're funnier than the jokes on there.. It's called,
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  • k swiss posted 3216 days ago
  • soooooooooo this is totally awesome cuz i'm a comedian and i can't believe there's a site 4 it! awesome dude
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  • SchnellerKeller posted 3239 days ago
  • Aha, Waiting for Guffman is a classic! My favorite part is when the camera pans onto the picture of the town father being eaten by a bear ... I had to leave the theater and missed the first 10 minutes. :)
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  • buttplug posted 3351 days ago
  • I am a captianhilariousness fan. Hey, a Cashman? I am out of Seattle? some of you might get that....
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  • Pudski posted 3360 days ago
  • Bob Nelson is funnier...
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  • DuckyButts posted 3383 days ago
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  • kgosser posted 3396 days ago
  • Dude you got some great joke. Easily top 3 on this site so far.

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After nearly 30 years studying with comic minds in Tibet, I have returned to this country to bestow my material upon your ears. My jokes come from nearly 2 thousand years of funny monks. Some come from Googling "funny jokes."

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Waiting For Guffman. Watch it. Learn it. Appreciate it in it's entirety.



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