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  • TheReelComic posted 3346 days ago
  • Hi Darryl!

    We've been having some odd website glitches that are webmaster geeks are trying to settle this week. There should be a few barrel competitions going on right now, but for one reason or another, the site isn't registering it! Thank you for your patience and I'll be sure to know once everything is back in order and you can start sending more jokes!

    All the best,
    Kate @ TRC
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  • TheReelComic posted 3360 days ago
  • Hey! Your jokes are killing me! Thanks for the laughs. In case you're interested, there is a new website, similar to this one, where you can upload a video of yourself telling your jokes and enter into competitions. Register! You're funnier than the jokes on there.. It's called,
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  • funnybone posted 3376 days ago
  • hey payran i went and listened to your videos
    pretty funny stuff wtg on your big win!!!!!!
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  • Cajun Comic Relief posted 3397 days ago
  • I am truly Cajun. I was born in New Iberia, LA and now living in St Martinville, LA. Both cities are within an area we call ACADIANA. My accent (or lack thereof) is a little "HEAVY", or as we call it here, "I GOT A TICK ACCENT, ME". In my everyday speaking, I do have a little accent, but whenever on stage, I realy put on the act. Thanks for asking.
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  • SchnellerKeller posted 3418 days ago
  • Welcome! I look forward to hearing some more. :)

About me

I love telling jokes and making people laugh. My recent accomplishment was an appearance at Cajun Comic Relief for Goodwill of Acadiana for the Last Coullion Standing. Most of the people in the audience were elderly, so at the end of my performance, there was't a dry seat in the auditorium. You can also go to and see a couple of my performances. I have a strong Cajun accent on stage, however, when speaking normally, I only have a Strong Cajun Accent. Naturally, I am a full blooded Cajun. Born in New Iberia, LA, USA and now living in St Martinville, LA, USA. Home of ACADIANA.

What I think is funny

Besides ME? Well, fart jokes come to mind, and pretty often...not the jokes, just the farts.



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