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Evidently, it's pretty hard to impress BobGibson!

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  • VoiceofElk posted 3128 days ago
  • Dear Bob, Where do you get off!! Hopefully an airplane without a parachute. We comment on each others jokes because we like each others sense of humor.. Not because we have inflated egos. I couldn't help but notice that you don't have any jokes posted yet! So Put up or shut up Dude!!
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  • funnybone posted 3350 days ago
  • lol yes bob its the same joke but i made a new twist to it lol
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  • TheReelComic posted 3359 days ago
  • Hey! Your jokes are killing me! Thanks for the laughs. In case you're interested, there is a new website, similar to this one, where you can upload a video of yourself telling your jokes and enter into competitions. Register! You're funnier than the jokes on there.. It's called,



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