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Step 1
You will need to log in or create an account, then press the 'Call me' button. 2-3 seconds later, your phone will magically ring.
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The cheerful, soothing-voiced woman will talk you through the process. It's really just like leaving a message for someone. (Only funnier!)
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Don't worry, if you goof something up you can cancel the process or delete the joke at any time.


If you are a crack joke-teller but you need some material, you're going to want to visit Joke Limbo!

What is Joke Limbo? As we all know, the internets are packed full of text jokes just waiting to be told. At Comic Wonder, we are giving them a safe home in Joke Limbo, where they will wait until one of you brings them to life.

You can save a joke from Joke Limbo and compete for the Comic Wonder of the year at the same time. To find out more about our ongoing contest, visit our contest page.

And from now on, if someone sends you a text joke, sent it to and we'll add it to Joke Limbo.


Need a Joke to Tell?

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As text jokes, their existence is 2-dimensional and soulless. Tell one! Your karma will improve and a puppy will get a pair of sparkly angel wings!


Top Joke-Telling Tips

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Don't read your joke
The best jokes told are the ones not read from a script. Try to memorize and practice your joke before telling it. If you can tell it without looking at notes, it will sound much more natural. NOTE - No one really says, "he replied" or "she responded." These are purely written joke phrases. Get rid of them!
Get into character
Change your voice or accent for each of the characters in your joke and try making some impromptu sound effects to accentuate the story.
Joke-telling is storytelling. Use details (place names, character descriptions, etc) to make your joke sound more like a real story that you are recounting to a friend. Details draw the audience in and disguise the impending, and hopefully hilarious, twist ending.
Go retro with a Land Line
If you don't have a great cell signal, or a high quality cordless phone, you may be better off going old-school with a landline.
Don't distort
Don't hold the phone too close to your mouth and don't yell. You'd be surprised how sensitive telephone microphones are.
Record it again
If your train of thought derails halfway through the joke, re-record it. Umm's and missed cues should not make it into a Comic Wonder-worthy performance.