Sense Of Humor Score?

In the real world, a sense of humor is like an opinion. Everyone has one, but they are not all good. If, however, you have a GREAT one, what's the point unless you know exactly how much better yours is then everyone else's? THAT is why we invented the Comic Wonder Sense Of Humor score. If a person has a high Sense of Humor (SOH) score, it is because that person is funny, or that person can recognize funny. There is a complex, patented formula developed by a global consortium of really funny mathematicians, psychologists and law enforcement officials that determines the actual scores, but you can get an idea of how it works here.

How do I increase mine?

Your SOH score is tied directly to the things that you do on Comic Wonder. If you are a joke-teller, your SOH will increase as you:

  • Tell more jokes
  • Tell great jokes
  • Grow a fanbase
  • Become people's favorite
  • Get played a lot
  • Win weekly, monthly or annual prizes

A sense of humor is not always tied to being funny. Funny people need an audience too. If you just identify funny jokes your SOH score will also increase. For example, if you vote on a joke right after it is told and give it 4 stars, you will be considered a sort of talent scout if the joke ends up with 4 stars after it has been voted on by more people. (Conversely, if you vote 1 star and the community later identifies it as a 4 star joke, your SOH wil go down!) Other ways that your SOH will increase include:

  • Listen to jokes
  • vote on jokes
  • comment on jokes
  • join people's fanclubs (if someone you are a fan of wins an award, you get point too!)
  • Sign up for the newsletter and/or Audio joke of the day
  • Send checks to the Creative Director (he also accepts paypal - jeff at

Why did my SOH go down?

Your SOH is fragile and if you don't use it, you can lose it. If your performance quality drops, so will your SOH score. If your fans start drifting away, so will your SOH score. The biggest way to lose SOH points fast, however, is to be a jerk. If you vote down other people' jokes, or try to rig your own scores, the SOH formula will find you! If you leave nasty comments, you could be docked too. Reasons that your score may start to decrease:

  • Tell low-scoring jokes
  • Rigging your ratings
  • Voting good jokes down
  • Unsubscribed to the newsletter or audio joke of the day (hey, you need to keep up on the happenings to keep your sense of humor sharp!)
  • Staying away too long
  • Watching the news (under construction)
  • Watching Gigli

Who has the highest?

This is constantly changing. You can see the current leaderboard here.

What is it worth?

Your SOH score gives you scientific proof that you have a sense of humor. You now have quantifiable bragging rights. (And when we develop our own currency, the funny shall inherit the earth!)