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"Something's Wrong in the Wilderness"

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"Go have a drink and talk to your bartender"

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A man walks into a bar with a duck under his arm.

The bartender asks: "Hey, where did you find the pig?"

"It's not a pig, it's a duck," the man answers.

The barman replies without hesitation: "I was talking to the duck."
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This joke's category: Bar Jokes

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History of Punchlines in Bar Jokes

Modern joke culture itself has been said to be originated from the bars and pubs of Europe. Although humor and jokes go back much farther, the important part is that the modern-day punchline seemed to have become popular from bars and pubs too.

What makes a good punchline?

Mostly surprise. Many times a punchline gets a rise because it is unexpected.

Bar jokes are really the first modern day type of joke to make effective use of this style of punchline.

It is because of this that we celebrate the punchline! Without it, we would haven't bar jokes!