"my wife got bit by a warthog"

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0:23 - Grandma will love this joke. - 08/02/07

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View Adrian's profile
  • Adrian posted 593 days ago
  • eah! Ohoho )))
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View gto69's profile
  • gto69 posted 2849 days ago
  • Love having this venue. I always start my mornings with my cup of coffee and your humor. Keep up this great tradition. GTO69.
View clarence press's profile
  • clarence press posted 2849 days ago
  • mr.rarebluemonkey

    hurray for oak st.
View phlash's profile
  • phlash posted 3088 days ago
  • Really liked your presentation of the wife/warthog joke...short enough and funny enough, too
View Wayne Edwards's profile
  • Wayne Edwards posted 3090 days ago
  • Good story. You let the listener work out the need to move the wife. I like it. I wrote a similar poem. It's on www.familypoet.com, titled Spelling Emergency.
View Johnny Mac's profile
  • Johnny Mac posted 3090 days ago
  • thats funny but where is this guy hmmmmmmmmmm!
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View kissypooh's profile
  • kissypooh posted 3414 days ago
  • that was soooo not funny! stupid face!
View kissypooh's profile
  • kissypooh posted 3414 days ago
  • yo mama is retared! i just thought that i would tell you that!
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View Kilroy's profile
  • Kilroy posted 3509 days ago
  • Not bad.
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View raster's profile
  • raster posted 3701 days ago
  • Aw yeah, that's a good one...
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