"A man walks into a bar with his newt..."

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0:27 - Grandma will love this joke. - 07/16/07

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View Tilt's profile
  • Tilt posted 2173 days ago
  • Still Just as funny 4 years later. Great
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View PeterP's profile
  • PeterP posted 3211 days ago
  • Excellent voice and great joke!
View Ivory Tickler's profile
View jgosser's profile
  • jgosser posted 3302 days ago
  • my kind of joke-awesome
View RanJam01's profile
  • RanJam01 posted 3303 days ago
  • How can you not get IT! Over your head it goes. I since something else may be MYNEWT!
View manytreez's profile
  • manytreez posted 3304 days ago
  • Ooooh, "minute" as in small. Yep, it was the delivery...
View manytreez's profile
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View ohiostatehatestheblue's profile
View funnybone's profile
  • funnybone posted 3326 days ago
  • u really are tom brokaw?
View emmy091969's profile
View sara sirrine's profile
View gladyskay's profile
  • gladyskay posted 3332 days ago
  • Mynewt....that is awesome
View mspkrgddss's profile
View eka's profile
  • eka posted 3382 days ago
  • love it! :) hehe
View beachbabe9123's profile
View Diana's profile
  • Diana posted 3394 days ago
  • zzzzzzzzz
View DirtyFred's profile
  • DirtyFred posted 3496 days ago
  • if it weren't for the delivery...
View SchnellerKeller's profile