2008 Comic Wonder of the year: Tell jokes, be the best joke teller, get prizes!


Want to know Comic Wonder's opinions on the jokes? Want to listen to all the jokes in one spot? Want to vote on who you think should have won?
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What to expect in 2009

The 2009 Comic Wonder of the Year

Details will be released near the end of December explaining the 2009 contest. You can expect Comic Wonder to be on the hunt for 2009's best joke teller of the year!

More contests

In addition to the 2009 Comic Wonder of the Year contest, Comic Wonder will be hosting other smaller, individual contests. Be on the look out for Comic Wonder searching for the Best Blonde Joke, Best Laywer Joke, Best Bar Joke, and more!

More areas for members to communicate

Comic Wonder will be exploring different ways to allow members to communicate better with each other, and friends outside of the community.

Joke-based videos

Shooting home-made videos can be fun. They can be even better when the theme of the video is a joke! Sometime in the future, Comic Wonder will be holding contests around the best video that re-enacts some of the site's best jokes. Keep an eye out for this one, as it's going to be hilarious!


Contest FAQ

What jokes were finalists?

These 11 jokes were the finalists.

How was the winner chosen?

For a more thorough breakdown on how the contest worked check out the official contest rules »


Joke HQs

Visit our Joke Headquarters

Blonde joke contests, bar joke contests, you name it — in 2009, Comic Wonder will be holding mini, themed contests. Get all the info at our Joke Headquarters.